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Get some exercise in the fresh air, explore enchanting landscapes and discover art along the way: brace yourself for some amazing experiences! Anyone with an appreciation of art and nature is in for a treat at the “Art in the periphery” events, supported by Swiss Post.

During the summer months, the “Art in the periphery” events draw people away from the hustle and bustle of the city for an exciting change of pace. Most of the events are held out in the open and are not for profit. The events showcase works by artists who are invited to come up with their own interpretations of where they are, and create works with a particular connection to that place. You can experience the events however you want, be it alone, with children, pets, friends or relatives. The events give remote locations stimulating added value, while offering city dwellers the chance to discover the local landscape and opening new perspectives to the local population.

Art in the periphery events

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